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What is Agrilliance

Agrilliance is a purpose driven enterprise whose mission is to improve local quality food consumption. We aim to transform the landscape of food supply and demand by making food locally accessible to build resiliency and health of communities, globally.

It begins with a web platform including a searchable map of farmers within local distance and tools to facilitate connections between consumers and producers by building trust between customers and suppliers, and facilitating their direct interactions. Through an ever growing set of tools of impact and collaboration we are targeting localization of production, transformation and distribution.

Why join us

By joining Agrilliance, you are becoming part of a growing number of pioneers who are positioning themselves to interact with a large community with local economic benefits. Democratization of information is the stepping stone of the connection between consumers and their local food producers in order to foster regional economic growth, cut unnecessary food miles and implement sustainable practices.

For consumers - Joining Agrilliance allows you to easily find local farms and learn important information about them like "what do they grow?", "do they have a CSA?", "are they Certified Organic?".

For farmers - Agrilliance wants to help you grow or sustain your business. When your farm is listed on the Agrilliance map, it not only opens doors to new customers, but also other farmers, distributors and wholesalers. The system is designed to be intuitive and low-maintenance so you can reap the benefits of all your hard work, not add to your workload.

What makes us different

Agrilliance is not a conventional startup aiming to replace intermediates in the food chain. We aim to disrupt to empower those who build the true infrastructures of resiliency: farmers. This is why we are structuring ourselves to avoid the typical financial pressures affecting most startups. We also base our initiative in recognized principles from known standards like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Permaculture, and Organic standards to name a few.

Agrilliance stands out by taking a collaborative approach where both farmers and consumers contribute valuable content to provide a quickly expanding community. This global approach aims to unearth knowledge of places and people to foster relationship and mutual opportunities for an improved regional food system, a resilient economy, and a healthy population.